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The Virginia Association of Ghanaian Nurses (VAGHAN) is a non-profit nursing professional organization whose members are Ghanaian Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Student Nurses residing in the State of Virginia.

VAGHAN was formed on March 8, 2008 primarily to reach out to the Ghanaian Community in the State of Virginia. As a determined group of health care professionals yearning to give back to the community, it was observed that many Ghanaian residents were neglectful of their health and as a result were succumbing to diseases hither to were preventable.

In response to this, Ghanaian nurses in Virginia have come together to make a meaningful difference in the community by providing expert knowledge through health education to promote healthy habits  and lifestyle changes through activities such as health talks, disease screenings and church visitations.

As a professional group, our activities will foster professional growth among its members through networking, mentoring and partnerships with like minded groups and organizations.

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