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OUR MISSION: To provide strategic vision, inspiration and health education to the Ghanaian community.

OUR VISION: Healthy living for all Ghanaians and Africans in general.

OUR PURPOSE: To assist Ghanaians with health issues. To uphold the image of Ghanaian nurses as a professional group.


A. Promote activities that will unify Ghanaian nurses in Virginia and with other states in the USA.

B. To assist the Ghanaian Community in Virginia in making healthy lifestyle changes necessary by providing relevant information needed to make informed decisions.

C. Network with colleagues, professional organizations and agencies in the development and implementation of educational programs relevant to nursing practice, education and research.

D. Influence legislation and public policies that directly or indirectly affect healthcare and nursing practices.

E. Facilitate professional and cultural adjustment of Ghanaian nurses in the USA through collaboration with organizations and agencies both in Ghana and the USA. 

F. Organize and actively participate in professional and cultural health promotion in the community we serve and globally.

G. To promote health maintenance and well being among Ghanaians living in the United States and in Ghana.

H. Develop and implement research programs focusing on healthcare needs of Ghanaian nurses in the USA and Ghana.

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