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The Virginia Association of Ghanaian Nurses (VAGHAN) is a non-profit nursing professional organization whose members are Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses who are licensed to practice in the State of Virginia.

VAGHAN was formed on March 8, 2008 primarily to reach out to the Ghanaian Community in the State of Virginia. As a determined group of health care professionals yearning to give back to the community, it was observed that many Ghanaian residents were neglectful of their health and as a result were succumbing to diseases hither to were preventable.

With a surge in the ranks of our membership, we have significantly reached out to the community through activities such as health talks, disease screenings, church visitations, book and clothes donations.

We encourage all Ghanaian RNs, LPNs, and Student Nurses resident in Virginia to join our ranks. The process of membership is simple. Download application forms from this site, include the membership fees and mail it to the address provided.

Thank you.

Mission Statement


VAGHAN will uphold the positive image and welfare of its constituent members; promote professional excellence and contribute to significant outcomes to healthcare and society.

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